5 Tips for Making Your Online Store Successful

Have you ever wanted to create and run an online store? Not sure where to start or what to be mindful of?  This article will share tips that will help you to make your online store more successful.

Before you read further, please remember that it is not important to follow the steps. Every person has his own way to do things. These are some helpful tips which may be useful to you too.

1. Attractive: Many beginners make the mistake of writing a lot of matter on the homepage. Try and avoid doing this. Put a good sales page instead and tell the customers about your products you want to sell. Give them links to the inner pages of your website. Make the homepage interesting. Get to the point straight and tell customers all good things about your store. Make it attractive by putting images on it.

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Using Non-Standard Fonts – Solutions and Issues

One of the more challenging obstacles in website design are the limits imposed on designers by the idea of “web fonts”.  Web fonts are the few type faces which are installed on every system globally.  To maintain a consistent look to all users, most designers will stick to using those few fonts (Verdana, Arial, Times, Georgia, and Palatino are most common) or use images to replace headers.  This former solution causes a very stale, plain look that users see on every website they visit.  The latter can seriously hurt your search engine rankings.  Neither of those sound very appealing!

Innovative and curious as the developers are Pro Web Marketing are, we’ve found several alternatives that can avoid the downsides of traditional solutions.

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New Website Project For Northern Granite

We are wrapping up a new website for Northern Granite. Located in Northern Michigan, Northern Granite leads the way in great products and services in the tabletop industry. We chose a great color palette the suit type of company they are. We kept it earthy and also fresh vibrant. keep a look out for the live site in the next few weeks.

New Website Project For Concrete Central Inc

This week we designed a new great looking website for Concrete Central. They are based out of Grand Rapids and also have a Traverse City location. They are a supplier of concrete products for large commercial and retail development. Due to the nature of Concrete Centrals work, we wanted to put together a hard hitting design that was edgy but yet rock solid when it came to stability for web browsers. We used darker colors and transparent .png imaging to create a nice clean see through content area. The site will feature new projects in the works and also a rotating gallery of products and industry materials.

Look for www.concretecentralinc.com to launch in the next few weeks!

Branding is an essential tool for online businesses

Branding is an essential and an integral part of marketing, which at times is ignored and overlooked by small entrepreneurs. Importance of branding has still not been fully exploited (rather it is needs a thrust) by the online webmasters for their websites and website networks, this is despite the fact that branding one’s online business can give very rich dividends, if done in a strategic manner. Branding one’s online business is much easier than branding a product because most of the branding material can be uploaded on the site directly and therefore the web page should be considered and designed as the face of a particular website. But we still see that most of the online entrepreneurs leave the branding part on luck and chance and they rarely pay attention as far as the branding aspect is concerned.

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More Bang For Your Buck

Let ”s just take a minute and talk about budgeting your next design project. I understand that this year has been rough but I think it”s true when I say we should all be proactive when it comes to running a business this year. This holds true to revamping advertising ideas and marketing strategies to reinvent how to generate larger revenue. I would like to talk about a few things that will make revamping your next project to be more streamlined and to also help you save cost on a professional designer.

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Invest In Expert Design

Of course we all want more for a decent price this year. Now when this topic comes to design and web development it is always a good thing to invest wise when it comes to your upcoming design project. Whether your representing your company with a new brand or advertising with print ads, you will want to make sure you get a professional to do the work.

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Internet Marketing Strategies

There are many and varied methods to bring your business to as many people as possible online. Using the following tips will increase website traffic and allow your business to expand rapidly.

Video Marketing
It has become very easy to embed video, and they are relatively easy to make. Videos give a touch of class, can be viewed in seconds, and cover the same amount of information as an hour’s writing.

Social Media
Although you will need to work to build strong, permanent relationships, social sites cannot be beaten for free traffic. You will receive, in return for the work you put in, a much focussed stream of customers, all very relevant to your business.

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